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     A gift that I offered to myself one of the previous days, was a completely different kind of challenge. Something that could force me to think in a different way than I used to. Hence, it was not the way one feels conveniently, as there was an instant need to think prospectively my life and vice versa. The reason behind this, was a pack of “letters to my future self”, like a “paper time capsule”.

     I was staring at the pack of letters for some minutes, wondering if I could accept this challenge. What I should write?  How I imagine my future, what exactly my “older, more experienced and wiser self” will have to share with “the me I used to be, from long ago”? Which are my roots, in which countries I am going to travel? Where exactly I want to go? And why? Is it somehow related to the things I ‘d like to try someday, to read, to research, to teach, to live for? Finally, what are they going to be? 
However, the most scary in the whole concept is that you were supposed to write the exact day for each letter to be opened on. WOW


     It is really challenging, but following the famous quote from Roosevelt that says “do one thing every day that scares you”, it seemed worth doing. I decided to see it as a kind of “responsible goal-setting”, and just see later in the future what finally was happened.
     Have you ever realized that the only reason behind our fake sense of control in life comes from the retrospectively understanding of our life? Nothing is guaranteed, even our well-programmed plans never happen exactly as we have imagined them.
     But which responsibilities are really related to a promised goal-setting, a prior reflection of your future self?
And which is really your biggest fear? The fear of failure or the fear of success?