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Greek (Mother language) English (Certificate of Proficiency in English - University of Michigan, IELTS Band Score 7.5 –Sep 2016) Greek Sign Language (Greek Sign Language National Certification) Ancient Greek (National Exams Grade 17.4/20) Latin (National Exams Grade 19.8/20)

Communication skills

Verbal and nonverbal communication skills, due to my temperament, my educational experience, and their further development during my duties as responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of strategic public relations and communications in 204 Ammunition Supply Depot. Conflict resolution and negotiation skills, which had to be utilized many times in the plethora of my duties and responsibilities. Skills to deal and work cooperatively with different personality types, having empathy and deep respect to diversity.

Organisational / managerial skills

High level of performance under pressure, as a result of my 18-year military career. I work carefully, following always the established procedures, skills that I further exercised while I was handling high-tech, high-risk and multi-million euro military equipment, over a 10 years period. Time management skills and flexibility in handling multiple priorities, even if changes occur in the working conditions, as I had to control 22 departments when I worked as an Occupational Health & Safety Technician. Focused on problem-solving, particularly if the problem has to do with many complex systems, due to my education in systemic approach for 3 years. Leadership and coordination capacity of staff working in teamwork as a result of my professional experience in leading positions which involved managing, coordinating, supervising and motivating them.

Job-related skills

Reliable, can be counted on to do my work with professionalism, as I try hard to put quality into everything I do, while striving for excellence. Persistence at learning complex and newer concepts quickly, as I am good at connecting new information with existing body of knowledge. I have the ability to look at the big picture, spot patterns or trends and make sense of things that may be hard to understand. An optimum mix of practical skills (competitive, dynamic, targeted and result oriented) and humanistic skills (supportive, patient, focused on the relationship and humans) as a result of my involvement to a variety of objects of technical and theoretical knowledge.


International Sociery of Audiology (Full Member)

British Society of Audiology (Full Member)

The British Academy of Audiology (Full Member)

The British Psychological Society (Chartered Member)

The Division of Health Psychology (DHP) (Full Member)

The Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers in Psychology (DARTP) (Full Member)

Hellenic Health Services Management Association (HHSMA) (Full Member)

Association of Greek Psychologists (Full Member)

Health Inequalites Research Network (HERON)