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Hearing Loss Research

My research profile at The University of Manchester

The PLACE Project

Lead Investigator: Dr Dalia Tsimpida

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My PhD Project

My project examined the relationship between socioeconomic inequality and the development of hearing impairment and the impact of hearing impairment on the lives of older adults in England in terms of mental well-being, quality of life, social engagement and economic position. Previous work has demonstrated that hearing impairment is associated with social isolation, depression, disability and low quality of life. But most of this work is based on cross-sectional analysis of the correlates of hearing impairment. This project explored the causes and consequences of hearing impairment using longitudinal data from the English Longitudinal Study of Aging (ELSA). The ELSA is a large representative data set with information on the health, social, wellbeing and economic circumstances of the English population aged 50 and older. The current sample contains data from up to eight waves of data collection covering a period of sixteen years. The ELSA includes objective and subjective data relating to health and disability, biological markers of disease, economic circumstance, social participation, networks and well-being.

Previous Projects

My interdisciplinary background in Psychology, Deaf Communication Studies, and Health Studies has made me acutely aware of the multiple barriers the population with hearing loss faces to health. I am actively engaged in research regarding population with hearing loss for nearly a decade and I have a strong passion for identifying the barriers and improving healthcare services for patients with hearing loss, by addressing their complex health and care needs. You can see below a brief description of my research interests and past projects