The perfect time

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Inspire someone today
by Dialechti
The perfect time

Everyone has his own story, his own unique background and many useful thoughts to share, for sure. Unfortunately, many human beings keep their own thoughts only in their mind, instead of share them and so let other people to help them so as to make great things or simply little improvements. There is a major problem in this procedure. Most people simply believe that they could share their thoughts when they are ready and in a perfect format. But… this is not the reality. Everyone has brilliant things and thoughts to share with others, and the only thing that has to do is simply having a voice, a presence, or -to put in in other words- the courage to share his writing with the world. This, my first ever post, is a first attempt to prove to anyone that it can be done, just simply, like that. I managed to build this wonderful personal website from scratch (I am so proud of it!), without prior knowledge of coding, only just because I had the patience to watch tutorials and to do everything shown, step by step, day to day. Everything is possible, but you have first to build up the confidence that you can do great things if you simply decide it. You can still edit a page but you cannot edit a blank page. There is no perfect time, if you wait for that you will die waiting to feel ready. You will never feel ready, the truth is that you are already ready. The perfect time is now.